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九州大学 湯浅研究室
Yuasa Laboratory, Kyushu Univ.

九州大学 / システム情報科学研究院 / 情報エレクトロニクス部門
Prof. Hiromi YUASA, Kyushu University

2015-current 九州大学大学院システム情報科学研究院 教授
2016-current 大阪大学基礎工学研究科, Spin-RNJ, 招へい教授
1998-2015 (株)東芝 研究開発センター

2009 慶應義塾大学 博士(理学)
1996-1998 慶應義塾大学 理工学研究科 物理学専攻 修士課程
1992-1996 慶應義塾大学 理工学部 物理学科

2015 女性研究者研究業績・人材育成賞 研究業績部門(応用物理学会)
2013 Editors' choice (EPL), H. Yuasa, M. Hara, Y. Fuji and H. Fukuzawa:” Fabrication of nanoscale metal paths in oxide thin layers by noble-gas ion beams” Europhysics Lett. 101 47005 (2013).
2011 Editors' Suggestions of Phys. Rev. B, A. D. Giddings, J. G. Keizer, M. Hara, G. J. Hamhuis, H. Yuasa, H. Fukuzawa, and P. M. Koenraad: “Composition profiling of InAs quantum dots and wetting layers by atom probe tomography and cross-sectional scanning tunneling microscopy” Phys. Rev. B 83, 205308 (2011).
2007 Highlights of 2007  (Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics) APPLIED MAGNETISM AND MAGNETIC MATERIALS, H. Fukuzawa, H. Yuasa and H. Iwasaki: “CPP-GMR films with a current-confined-path nano-oxide layer (CCP-NOL)”, J. Phys. D.: Appl. Phys. 40 1213 (2007).
2007 Excellent Invention Award Gold Award (Toshiba R&D CENTER), Hideaki Fukuzawa, Hiromi Yuasa, Susumu Hashimoto, Hitoshi Iwasaki, and Katsuhiko Koi, 2004-233641 (2007).
2005 Achievement Award Significant Patent Registration(Toshiba R&D CENTER), Hiromi Yuasa, Yuzo Kamiguchi, Masatohsi Yoshikawa, Katsuhiko Koi, Hitoshi Iwasaki, Tomohiko Nagata, Takeo Sakakubo, Masashi Sahashi, JP No. 4024499 (2005).
2004 Business Commendation Excellence Award(Toshiba R&D CENTER), , CCP-NOL CPP-GMR head development team(2004).

Paper= 54, Registered Patent=185, Citation=3738, h-index=35
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2023 H. Yuasa, Spin Seebeck Effect and Spin Hall Magnetoresitance in YIG/Co-Ru/Pt systems, SPIN CALORITRONICS XII, 2023/5/25 (Tsukuba).
2021 H. Yuasa, Spin Current Enhancement by Inserting Ultra-thin Magnetic Layer at Interface between YIG and Pt, INTERMAG 2021, CD-01 2021/4/26-30 (online).
2020 H. Yuasa, Spin current from Y3Fe5O12 to Pt via thin magnetic layer, 2020 International Conference on Nanostructured Materials (NANO 2020), 2020/7/7 (Melbourne). Canceled
2018 H. Yuasa, R. Nakamura, F. Nakata and Y. Kurokawa, Inserted layer effect on Spin Mixing Conductance in Spin Seebeck Effect, The 5th International Conference of Asian Union of Magnetics Societies (ICAUMS 2018), 2018/6/3-7(Jeju, Korea).
2018 H. Yuasa, Spintronic phenomena and devices - Past, current and future-, Joint workshop btw SKKU and Kyushu University "Emerging materials and devices", 2018/1/15 (Kyushu Univ. Fukuoka).
2018 H. Yuasa, Inserted layer effect on Spin Mixing Conductance in Spin Seebeck Effect, Reimei/GP-Spin/ICC-IMR International Workshop, New Excitations in Spintronics, 2018/1/10-12 (Tohoku Univ. Sendai).
2017 H. Yuasa, Enhancement of Spin Mixing Conductance in Spin Seebeck Effect, 3rd Japan-Korea Spintronics Workshop 2017/12/18-20 (KIST, Korea).
2017 H. Yuasa, Enhancement of spin mixing conductance and utilizing large spin Hall angle in spin Seebeck effect, York-Tohoku-Kaiserslautern Research Symposium on“New-Concept Spintronics Devices”, 2017/6/21-23 (Univ. York, UK).
2017 H. Yuasa, Enhancement of spin mixing conductance and spin Hall angle in spin Seebeck effect, Program of Core-to-Core and Spintronics Workshop 2017, 2017/3/20-22, (Senri Hankyu Hotel, Osaka).

2023-current Program Chair, ICM 2024
2023-current 運営・評価委員会分科会委員, JST ERATO, 内田磁性熱動体
2021-current 領域アドバイザー, JST ACT-X, 強靭化ハードウェア
2021-current Vice Chair, IEEE WIE Shikoku-Fukuoka-Hiroshima Fukuoka section
2021-2022 Program committee, SSDM, Area 9, Chair
2021-2022 Vice Chair, IEEE Fukuoka section
2021 審査委員, NEDO 先導研究プログラム/エネルギー・環境新技術先導研究プログラム
2020-current 技術委員, NEDO 未利用熱エネルギーの革新的活用技術研究開発
2020-current 総務理事, 日本磁気学会
2019-current Board member, IOP, J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys.
2018-current 科学技術分野の文部科学大臣表彰審査委員会若手科学者賞審査部会審査委員
2018-2020 Program committee, SSDM, Area 9, Vice Chair
2018-current 審査委員, ATI新世代研究所
2018-2019 Program sub-committee, MMM 2019
2017-2018 IEEE Fukuoka Section, Secretary
2015-2016 Program sub-committee, Joint MMM/Intermag 2016
2015-current 運営委員, スピントロニクス学術研究基盤と連携ネットワーク(Spin-RNJ)
2013-2017 編集委員, 日本磁気学会
2013-current 幹事, スピントロニクス研究会, 応用物理学会
2007-2012 プログラム委員, 応用物理学会
2007-2011 総務委員, 日本磁気学会